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smallFall / mono.Scope - Be The / Selected Music From an Imaginary Movie split LP (ÚJ,2020)

6 990 Ft

Our first international artist on Mana Mana is smallFall from Thessaloniki (GR). He is a young music producer who tries to combine various sounds with influences from different cultures. The recent years he obsessed with the history of cinematic and jazz scene, elements that exist in his tracks. He has an EP and various tracks and remixes, including a participation in the second Melting Records compilation on vinyl. Member of Shango, VIM, Regional and Melting Records. He is currently preparing his first album which will blend different types of music per continent with an electronic pattern. His music has been presented in many radio shows like KEXP, and he has shared moments with international and local artists. "Be The", his second EP, is dedicated to nu-jazz and downtempo culture. There are jazz / cinematic vibes, it contains five tracks and four artists participated with their own personal talent.

Péter Sós aka Mono.Scope, started composing with the music editor Fasttracker2 in 1998, which was given the necessary inspiration by the artists of that time, Bentley Rhythm Ace and Ninja Tune. These were still sample based music. Later, he wanted to move beyond these frameworks, to be as unique as possible and to deviate from his previous method. His goal was to make us believe that what we hear is played by a live band. Learning everything in a self-taught way, this “one man band” character crystallized later. He plays and records each instrument on his own, from bass to rhodes organ to the sound of the last cymbal. In style, instrumental downtempo, funk, hip-hop, dark jazz alternate, and in the listeners the feeling of hearing the background music of a film grows stronger. Although no film has been made yet, we can visualize to our liking in the meantime!

"smallFall ft Spinnet - Quarter -- very nice one! +A1-4, B3,B5"
Scheibosan (Klangwirkstoff, Austria)

"Two outstanding records with not a weak moment."
Robert Lochmann (radio x, Frankfurt)

"This is awesome!"
DJ Aja (Jazz Syndicate, Ketch a Vibe, UK)

"Will play in next Switchstance Radio Show."
Thomas Katongole-Strauch (Switchstance Recordings, Cologne, Germany)

(ManaMana Rec.)

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