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7RAY feat. Triple Ace - Jazzy Zoetrope LP (Pro-Ject Records, új, bontatlan)

7RAY feat. Triple Ace - Jazzy Zoetrope LP (Pro-Ject Records, új, bontatlan)
  • 7RAY feat. Triple Ace - Jazzy Zoetrope LP (Pro-Ject Records, új, bontatlan)
14 990 Ft

Studio and Live Recording at Studio Baumgarten & Pro-Ject Headquarters

We have always been dedicated to natural, acoustic music from a broad range of genres. The incomparable experience of great sound in the comfort of your own home continues to drives Pro-Ject Audio Systems, and our goal has been to spread this emotional experience to as many people as possible. For nearly 30 years we have brought true Hi-Fi stereo at an affordable price to hundreds of thousands of customers – so they can enjoy that experience. But what about the available recordings?

From time-to-time we invite great musicians to perform in our company headquarters in Mistelbach, Austria. We have always been playing with the idea to record these sessions, but only using real analogue tape with reduced microphoning, captured live in true stereo with no compression or extensive editing – just live. One of the problems with this idea is that very few musicians are willing or able to record in such an environment, where no cuts and corrections are possible. That’s a lot of pressure for any recording artist.
By pure coincidence and great luck, CEO Heinz Lichtenegger has learned that Austria’s own 7RAY is not only a great singer and musician, but also a keen audiophile. So it was amazing to find that he was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. Working with 7RAY we developed a concept to make both a special studio album (and by special, we mean special – learn more in the text), and a live recording direct from our company headquarters; giving you the ability to hear a direct comparison of recording styles.

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